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Easy Steps to Get Connected with Netgear Wi-fi Extenders

In case, Investing in good router doesn’t give good signals.A user gets one last option to make another investment in wi-fi extenders. They boost the wi-fi signals and helps in expanding signals all around our home and office. If you made up your mind for Wi-fi extenders then try Netgear wi-fi extenders. They need no introduction because they are serving customers from a quite long time.

my wifi extender netgear setupWe will later discuss Netgear wi-fi extender configuration but before that let us know few things about how extender works.  Wireless extenders are used for connecting router that increases the wireless network range and also covers dead zones which are the result of any hindrance due to walls or doors. So now the question arises how to do to Netgear wi-fi extender configuration.

Well, we have a step by step explanation of how can we manually do Netgear wi-fi extender configuration?

  • Simply connect your computer to NETGEAR wi-fi extender by using Ethernet wire.
  • After this login to your Netgear wi-fi extender by typing http://myWiFiext.net in a web browser in the direction to do Netgear wi-fi extender configuration.
  • By going on http://myWiFiext.net you prompt to login details. Here you need to fill default username and password.
  • Username is by default is ‘admin’ password will be ‘password.’
  • Now go to setup look for wireless setting & apply changes. These steps use for Netgear wi-fi extender configuration.
  • At last, don’t forget to once again connect wi-fi devices with

    NETGEAR wi-fi extender

    whichever WPS button or manual connection.

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These are simple steps which you can apply easily at your hand. But if you think they are not enough to help. You have an option of getting connected with the Netgear wi-fi extender configuration team for suggestions. You can also do a live chat with them if you want to do that otherwise can leave a message in comment section they will revert back to you shortly.

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