• netgear wifi extender setup


Q: – 1) I have a wireless router do my Netgear Range extender will support my router via Ethernet cable?

Ans: – You can’t connect the wireless router via Ethernet cable, Netgear range extender only gets connect wirelessly to the access point or router.

Q: – 2) I can’t see the web browser setup genie, in spite of connected to Netgear_ext & opening of the browser?

Ans: – You need to follow few troubleshoot Tips, we have mentioned below for you.

  • Check if your computer is all set to utilize DHCP.
  • Verify if Client Link LED is green or not? Along with this, ensure you have a valid IP address.
  • Now, Once again open a web browser and enter web address www.mywifiext.com or www.mywifiext.net into browser address bar.
  • Next, enter Default Username & Password. Use Admin for Username & Password for Password.

Q: – 3 Even after entering the correct wireless password, Installation setup continuously asking for a wireless password, please help?

Ans: – As per your query, it looks like you haven’t placed your router under a signal range of your key Wi-Fi router. So, try to shift your Netgear Extender nearby your Key router, this might help you.

Q: – 4 Is there any way of Extending my guest network by the use of a wireless range extender?

Ans: – Yes, you can.

Q: – 5 How many range extender can I add to My Netgear router network?

Ans: – You can add more than one Netgear extender to your router network. Still, keep in mind you can’t create chains of extenders. Even when you add more than one extender to your router network, its client device will get deprived performance. They will receive poor internet connectivity as compare to first attached extender client devices.

Q: – 6 While configure or setup Netgear Range extender, can I use genie app?

Ans: – No, Netgear range extender setup doesn’t support genie app. You can use Genie App only to connect, monitor even for controlling home network yours any device.

Q: – 7 I didn’t receive IP address from the extender on my wireless devices even after completing the installation wizard. What should I do now?

Ans: – First of all, check the password you have entered on your wireless device. In case, you enter the wrong password then it will become for your wireless device to get an IP address. So, you have to reset Extender to factory default to get an IP address.

Q: – 8 After I connected Netgear Range Extender to my router, I lost all the reserved IP Addresses on my Router. Please advise what would I to do?

Ans: – You need to login to router interface & also require adding translated MAC addresses into reservation list of IP. This is because first 3 bytes of MAC address by default is translated into 02:0F: B5.

Q: – 9 Every time I start setup my Netgear router my repeater gets disconnected. What should I do to avoid this disconnection?

Ans: – First, modify your router wireless setting. Secondly, Re-flash your Router and Extender Firmware.