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Are you content with your existing network range, or your Wi-Fi signal giving you tough timing? A number of router users get this issue of not getting enough Wi-Fi signals on their home network. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a quality router or there is something wrong with their Internet service provider. It is dead zones or electrical interference that blocks signals between router & client devices. So, before you think switching to extender make sure you minimize interference present in your home network. The extender can only replicate the signals from the main router or can enhance network range. The extender also gets affected by the interferences. So, it is important to minimize these before you setup extender. Setting up extender is not that complicated. If you are setting up extender via mywifiext net setup for the first time then you will need expert advice. Your Netgear extender can give you following benefits. To enjoy these first of all know extender features.

Features of Netgear Extender

  •    For maximum Coverage, Netgear Extender has three External Antennas.
  •    It has a Dual-band & gives speed on Wi-Fi up to 1900Mbps.
  •    Netgear Extender is capable of Providing Max Wi-Fi performance by a Dual-core 1GHz processor.
  •    The Netgear extender is powered by 700mW for an ultimate range within your home network.
  •    Your Netgear extender performance gets improved by FastLane technology on both the bands.
  •    Now connect wireless such as game consoles & smart TVs to Wi-Fi with 5 x Gigabit ports in Netgear extender.
  •     Access scheduling of parental control feature in Netgear extender.
  •    On Majority of the devices, Web browser-based settings are accessible.

These features can give any home network a blanket of Wi-Fi all over again. So, if you also want to blanket your home network with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity then try mywifiext net setup today.

Steps for Connecting Extender to Netgear Wi-Fi Router by Using Web Browser

  •    Initially, on your computer or wireless device, launch the Wi-Fi connection manager & join the extender network which is Netgear_ext.
  •    Once you get connected to the LED of a device to Extender turns into Solid Green.
  •    Open the web browser, if this is the first time you are login you will see create account screen.  If it doesn’t get a display then visit the www.mywifiext.net setup.
  •    Fill the required information on create account screen, & then click on Next Button.

mywifiext net setup

  •    Now, click on the Button of Wi-Fi Range Extender Button. After this, the extender will look out the available Wi-Fi networks within your area & display the list of them.
  •    In case, you are not interested in extending both the bands then clear checkbox of the bands.
  •    Choose your Wi-Fi network & then click on Next Button.

mywifiext net setup

  •    If your Wi-Fi network is hidden then pick radio button, manually input my wireless SSID & Enter Wi-Fi network name.
  •    When next window asks for a password, for connecting to Wi-Fi network click on the next button. The Netgear Extender will get connected to your present router’s Wi-Fi network.
  •    To name your extended networks to complete the given field & then click on Next Button.

mywifiext net setup

  •    After this, settings will take place such as Wi-Fi network names & password. They will get converted to the one you have mentioned. Changes will take place when extender disconnects Wi-Fi devices or computer being used on Wi-Fi network.
  •    To get connect to fresh extended Wi-Fi network, use Wi-Fi network manager on device & then click on Continue button.

mywifiext net setup

  •    After that click on Next Button, for login via mywifiext net setup & register the product.

Place Netgear Extender for Better Signals

Your extender placement makes a lot of different in extender working. It ensures that extenders don’t get in contact of interference & Signals don’t get blocked. So, if you are thinking to setup your extender & heading for mywifiext net setup then follow these steps.

  •    Try to Move the extender in the same room where your router is placed, only during the initial setup. Make sure where you place the extender must be inside current Wi-Fi router network.
  •    Power the Extender & restart the Netgear Extender.
  •    If the extender is outside the range of Netgear router still, the extender will get connected to Wi-Fi router.

To go ahead we advise you to take assistance from our experts. Our Team of experts is available Round the clock on the toll-free number. We have mentioned basic points for mywifiext net setup, if you want to know more give us a call. You can avail our expert’s assistance on the toll-free number or can do a live chat with the team. If you are interested in providing your valuable feedback & Suggestions then post them into Comment Box. Our Experts will revert back to you in no time. So, guide for better services via your suggestions & feedback.