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What you will get via Netgear Genie Wi-Fi Extender Setup

In the language of market, you get according to what you pay for it. It’s not always compulsory that Products with high costs will work better. You must use your knowledge and common sense what kind of products you are looking for and for what purpose. One example of this kind is Netgear Genie Wi-Fi extender setup, which is done by Netgear Genie desktop app. We will tell you later about the usage of Netgear Genie desktop app.

Netgear Genie desktop app can do lots of things directly from desktop other than Netgear Genie Wi-Fi extender setup. So let’s take a look what you can do with Netgear Genie desktop app.

Know the Speed of Your Network

  • The speed tests provide two type of speed analysis one is to know how fast a website content cab be downloaded by your PC.
  • Other test is measurement of the ISP broadband speed other than only doing Netgear Genie Wi-Fi extender setup with Netgear Genie desktop app.

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See Who Is On Guest Network?

  • So you have guest access on your router and they use your wireless router also, but you can manage through Netgear Genie desktop app can stop access content on other computers or devices with same network.
  • Simply apply these settings to enable this,Router Settings then Guest Access and click Modify button.

how to setup netgear wifi extender

If you want to do

Netgear Genie Wi-Fi extender setup

for a particular model, then to get systematic steps or instruction give a call to our technical support unit on toll-free number 1-800-603-4024 anytime.

If you wish to know other features done via Netgear Genie desktop app.Take assistance from our router login team. They will tell about every feature for enhancing the working of  Netgear Wi-Fi extenders.

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